Is Dredge America Right For You?

Dredge America is a national marine contractor performing dredging services throughout the US and North America. We specialize in portable hydraulic dredging services to restore our nation’s lakes, rivers, and waterways. With 30+ years experience, Dredge America is committed to continually improving its’ expertise and delivering quality dredging and consulting services. During this time, we’ve engaged in numerous projects  with varying scopes and budget levels. Dredge America will more than just “manage” your project. Our expertise allows us to save you time, money, and limit your risk exposure.

Committed to do the right thing with a can-do attitude®

Cutter Head In Action

As an experienced environmental dredging company, we use the latest technology and techniques to ensure surroundings and wildlife remain unharmed during the dredging process, as seen in the video above.



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