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Consulting Services


Dredge America, Inc. provides design-build consulting services for project owners who need help planning and implementing a portable hydraulic dredging project. Our turnkey process allows owners to become part of a complete project team, without the responsibility of finding contractors, ordering surveys, and applying for permits. Our dredging consulting services include:

  • Full dredging design-build services
  • Initial dredging project assessment and recommendations
  • Pre-dredging survey
  • Dredging project bid and specification writing
  • Assistance with obtaining dredging permits
  • Dredging budget and allocation recommendations

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers are available on an hourly or project fee basis, based on our clients’ needs. We understand that many clients don’t have the knowledge-base or time to develop a fully dimensional dredging plan. We can assist at any phase of the dredging process from initial planning to project completion.

Dredge America is also capable of working with the owner’s engineer to provide our dredging specific expertise. No matter the size of engineering firm Dredge America is capable of providing our 30+ years of experience, while working as part of the entire project team. Our goal is to work collectively with all parties involved and to collaborate equally with both the project owner and engineer.

Contact Dredge America, Inc. for more information about how our single source consulting can help you plan and execute your hydraulic dredging project. Some helpful information to know prior to calling would be:

  • A brief description of the project
  • Approximate quantities that would need to be dredged
  • General timeline for project start and completion


Dredge America partners with industry leaders to perform high quality hydrographic surveying services for marine related tasks covering lakes, marinas, and rivers.

Dredge America owns and operates a custom-built Scully survey vessel (Recon). Equipment used on the vessel includes HYPACK MAX software packages, Trimble Navigation differential GPS (DGPS), real time kinematic (RTK) capable GPS receivers and Teledyne Odom echo sounders. Once the data is collected and processed it can be used alone or seamlessly merged with topographic data for 3-D model creation. Dredge America also owns smaller vessels for surveying small lakes, homeowners’ association canals, and, for our own dredge quality control program.

Hydrographic Surveying Services are:

  • Mapping bottom contours of lakes and rivers
  • Pre-dredging and post-dredging surveys
  • Underwater obstructions / site investigations
  • Bottom sampling and testing
  • Monitoring lake sedimentation
  • Volume calculations

Whether your needs are to have a small neighborhood canal system or an entire lake surveyed, Dredge America’s services will prove to be both timely and effective.

Hydrographic Survey Example
Dredge America Survey Vessel


One of the biggest issues for dredging projects across the country is the lack of adequate information regarding the type and amount of material present. This information is critical to the planning of a dredging project and will determine the success project execution. Dredge America has partnered with industry leaders to help provide pre-project investigation reports to help alleviate the guesswork involved in designing a dredging project.

Investigating services are:

  • Sediment Study to determine original bottom
  • Vibracore sampling and analysis
  • Grain Size analysis
  • Sediment Settling Column Tests
  • Environmental Constituent Testing

The first place to start for the design of any dredging project is with a hydrographic survey and a sediment study. These two pieces of critical information will give you everything you need to begin formulating a dredging plan. For additional questions about the dredging process please see the Helpful Information section of our website.


Dredge America has a vast array of experience and expertise in the dredging and marine construction industry. Dan McDougal, president and owner of Dredge America, has over 40 years’ experience in providing dredging and marine construction services to clients all over the United States. Dan’s experience over a long career in this field gives him insight and knowledge on the topic of dredging that makes him an ideal choice for expert witness services or complex project consulting. Sam Robinson P.E., Chief Engineer/Estimator, is also an experienced member of the Dredge America team who can serve as a technical expert witness or consulting partner for your project.

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