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Rental Equipment

Our rental fleet includes well-maintained, easy to operate dredges and support equipment suitable for small-scale dredging projects. Included in our rental price is logistics support, equipment troubleshooting, and an experienced company contact. In addition, we can provide onsite training and consulting services to ensure you have all the tools to successfully complete your project.

Below you will find basic information on the equipment that is currently available for rent. Please contact our offices at 816-330-3100, or, for pricing and additional information.


The DINO Six is a uniquely portable dredge system developed to perform jobs inaccessible to other dredges and sediment removal equipment. Weighing only 3800 pounds, the DINO Six is used to clean storm water detention ponds, dredge sediment lagoons, marinas, golf course ponds, canals, and home association lakes. Sediment is excavated by a durable, high-torque, direct-drive cutter head and pumped at rates up to 1800 gpm through the highly abrasion-resistant, hydraulic submersible dredge pump. Mobilization costs are minimal compared to a typical 6” dredge. The launching and loading are more like a boat than a conventional dredge or excavator. There is no damage to the shoreline or tracks to be repaired

Dino Six 6" Auger Dredge


Being the most versatile in its class, the 4010 Dredge is in excellent condition with a new pump shell, well-maintained pontoons, and a rebuilt engine with minimal hours accrued. This 10” auger dredge is one truck transportable, with no assembly required. It’s the perfect dredge for an any medium sized pond or lake.

4010 10" Auger Dredge


The 5012 dredge is capable of achieving high production rates, while still maintain a relatively small footprint. This 12” auger dredge is single truck transportable and capable of pumping at flow rates up to 3,500 gpm. If you have a large quantity of material or need to dig beyond 20’ deep, the 5012 may be the perfect dredge for your project.

5012 12" Auger Dredge

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