Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work in my state?

A: Dredge America works throughout the United States and we are available for work in offshore protected waters.

What is your minimum sized project?

A: Our minimum engagements start $75,000, with our larger projects exceeding $25 million.

How much do you charge per yard?

A:There is not a standard charge per cubic yard. The charge for your project will be based on a number of factors and we can give you a quick over-the-phone consultation to determine the best way to proceed with a full quote.

Do I have to have a permit to dredge? How do I get a permit?

A: The need for a permit will be based on your state requirements and the project specifications. We can refer you to an engineering company that can assist with permitting or you can consult your regional Army Corps of Engineers office:

How do I know if I need mechanical or hydraulic dredging?

A: Mechanical dredging involves the use of heavy equipment at the shoreline or working off a barge and may or may not involve draining a lake. Hydraulic dredging involves a dredge that floats on the water and pumps the material through a temporary pipeline to an off-site location, often several thousand feet away. This dredge acts like a giant floating vacuum removing sediment very precisely.

What if I only have a problem with weeds? Do I still need to dredge?

A: We would refer you to:

Can I get a bid over the phone?

A: We can only provide general information over the phone. To obtain a specific quote, we would need additional information about your project including:

  • Do you know the quantity of material to be dredged?
  • Do you know the quantity of material to be removed?
  • What part of the country are you in?
  • Is the project bid or negotiated?
  • Do you have permits? Where are they in the process?
  • Do you have a specific budget?
  • What is the timing of the project?
  • Depth of present water
  • Final depth
  • Type of material
  • Do you have a place to put the material for dewatering?

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