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How to Choose a Dredging Contractor?

Once permits are in place, the search begins for a qualified, professional dredge contractor. Here are ten questions that will help you qualify a contractor:

Do you have several years of hydraulic dredging experience on similar types of projects?

A: Dredge America has performed over two hundred hydraulic dredging projects under a vast array of different conditions, locations and environments. Despite some major challenges along the way, we have never left a project uncompleted.

Can you supply several pages of references?

A: Dredge America can.

Is hydraulic dredging a sideline to your core business such as excavating or dock work?

A: Hydraulic dredging is Dredge America’s only business.

Do you own your own equipment? Do you own more than one dredge?

A: Dredge America has a fleet of various size portable hydraulic dredges of different designs. We do not believe in the concept of one dredge will do all projects, but instead bring the right dredge to most efficiently do your job.

Can you bond the project?

A: Dredge America can bond the project if required.

Do you have adequate marine insurance and can you name the owner and engineer as additional insured on your policy?

A: Dredge America can.

Is your company mobile so they can respond to projects throughout the U.S.?

A: Dredge America is a maximum of two days from anywhere in the U.S. and will go to wherever your project is located.

Do you have a professionally trained mobile workforce?

A: Dredge America’s employees are trained at least quarterly on new technology, safety, environmental protection, OSHA and MSHA training, customer and public relations, and productivity improvement methods.

Do you have proper environmental controls in place as standard procedures?

A: Dredge America runs biodegradable oil in all their dredges and keeps spill containment kits on every project. The equipment is also well maintained for preventative maintenance.

Do you have a good safety record and policies in place for accident prevention?

A: Dredge America has extensive safety policies and is a drug free workplace. We are also MSHA certified.

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