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A Leading U.S.
Portable Hydraulic Dredging Company

leading hydraulic dredging companyDredge America, a leading US portable hydraulic dredging company, was established 20 years ago by Daniel S. McDougal. The company originally focused on civil projects, but in 1993 Dredge America acquired a small dredge contracting company and opened a new division devoted to portable hydraulic dredging. After two years, management saw the potential of the dredging division and turned the company’s focus exclusively to hydraulic dredging, becoming the leading dredging company in the United States for portable hydraulic dredging services.

dredge contract companyDuring the last fifteen years, many dredging companies have come and gone throughout the dredging industry. But Dredge America, however, has become the respected name in professional dredging services, because portable hydraulic dredging is our only business. All of our resources are focused on being the very best at hydraulic dredging. The variety of materials and site conditions encountered over the years have each posed unique challenges. With over 200 projects accomplished to date, the experience we have gained has created our expertise that is available for your benefit. The history of our ability to solve problems is a testament to our ability to solve future challenges.

Helpful Information

Our Dredging Crew
At Dredge America we pride ourselves on the professionalism and expertise of our well-trained crews.

Our crews are well trained in operations and safety and are extremely sensitive to the condition of the project site. We take extra care in maintaining a clean, well-managed job. Our clients benefit from our dedication to providing expert service in several ways:

  • Clean and well-managed project sites
  • Efficient and timely mobilization and de-mobilization
  • Accurate and timely reporting and billing
  • Utilization of state of the art equipment.
  • A crew with a can-do attitude and customer service approach
  • Sensitivity to the environment
  • A culture of safety

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