Mine Tailings Dredging Service

Are your tailing ponds filling up? Are you no longer able to reach your deposits with conventional dragline dredge equipment? If so, then Dredge America can help. Rather than spending time becoming an expert on dredging or buying your own dredging equipment, call the experts with the experience to execute your project for you.

Our well-trained crews are MSHA certified and have experience working in mining operations across the country. We know that safety is your paramount concern, as it is at Dredge America. That’s why we continually stress safety resulting in a low EMR and multiple safety awards. We will meet with your company safety officer to address site specific issues and hear suggestions on improving our safety program.

You want data? Our “DredgePack” program located on the dredge utilizes GPS to position the dredge and track depth, as well as X and Y coordinates, in real time. We can download this data daily for documentation, and if you like, can even provide access to the operator’s computer screen via the internet so that you can watch the dredge operate in real time and see the material disappearing from your pond. All of this can be performed in the comfort of your office, without ever leaving your desk.

Pumping Sediment
Dredging Mine Tailings

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