Golf Course Dredging Service

Golf courses require a lot of water. You need the water storage capacity to keep your expensive greens watered in the summer. Your clientele want to golf in beautiful surroundings, not next to shallow ponds full of algae.

The challenge is to restore your lakes and ponds without destroying your course. Draining ponds and excavating with conventional excavation equipment is subject to the weather and hundreds or thousands of heavy trucks crossing your course. The clean up alone may cost more than the dredging services.

Dredge America has experience dredging golf courses and takes great care to protect your course during initial move in and out and then surgically removes the sediment, pumping it to another more desirable location away from the field of play. Our crews are true professionals who are courteous to your clientele.

If this better way of removing sediment from your ponds adds value to your project, call Dredge America.

Grounds Protecting Matts
Launching a dredge at a golf course
Dredging at a golf course

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