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Geo-Textile Tubes (also called geotubes or geo tubes)

Geotextile Tubes or GeoTubesGeo-textile tubes are an innovative tool used by Dredge America’s expert crews.

Very few companies in the United States have our level of experience at project design and installation involving geo-textile tubes. Based on the project design criteria, geo-textile tubes can be used for two purposes:

  • GeotubesCreation of beneficial structures – Geo-textile Tubes are filled with slurry and used to build structures such as breakwaters, shoreline protection or island creation.
  • Geo-textile tubesEfficient dewatering – Dredged material is pumped directly into the tubes, where the material is dewatered and hauled away or used for fill or topsoil. This solution is an excellent option for projects with limited settling areas.


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