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Dredging Equipment

Dredging EquipmentDredge America owns and operates four portable dredges. Dredge equipment ownership, versus rental of specialty equipment like dredges offers many advantages to the customer:

  • First, the on site project team is intimately familiar with the dredge, having spent many months or years operating the equipment under a variety of conditions. There is no wasted time learning about unfamiliar equipment.
  • Second, Dredge America keeps a large inventory of parts for all of our dredge equipment. Any down time is greatly reduced, which brings the job in on time and on budget.
  • Third, we have complete control over our equipment at all times. We can move equipment around with a moments notice and donít have to worry that a third-party may rent it out to another contractor. This also keeps us flexible and able to remain consistent on every job.
  • Fourth, the ultimate responsibility for equipment performance lies with Dredge America. You wonít hear excuses about a third-partyís lack of responsiveness or shoddy equipment.

Support equipment for these dredges includes over 25,000 L.F. of discharge pipe, two custom built barges for moving anchors and performing service work, several other support boats, booster pumps, a vast array of special rigging and tooling, land based support equipment, etc.

Helpful Information

Dredge America owns the following dredges:

  • Sandpiper- Conventional cutterhead dredge 8x10 with 400 H.P.
  • Justin - Swinging ladder dredge 8x8 underwater pump 250 H.P.
  • Aline- Swinging ladder dredge 10x10 400 H.P.
  • Nations - Auger dredge with 10x10 174 H.P.

Dredge America maintains a larger fleet than most portable dredging companies because we believe that one tool does not perform all jobs. Each of the four styles and sizes of dredges that we operate have unique characteristics that must be matched to the individual job in which they are being assigned.

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