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Is Dredge America
the Right Contractor for Your Project?

Dredge America performs professional hydraulic dredging services throughout the entire U.S. We specialize in portable hydraulic dredging, meaning we can go anywhere. We have been learning and improving our craft for over twenty years. During this time we have made mistakes and became wiser as a result. Here are some things we have learned:

If your project involves mechanical rather than hydraulic dredging or is less than $150,000 in scope, Dredge America is probably not the best fit for your project. If your only concern is finding the cheapest bid, Dredge America is probably not the best choice for your project.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a professional experienced firm that can deliver the best overall value for your project, then you may want to give Dredge America a call. Because of our experience, we have the ability to offer more than just competitive pricing.

You can take a chance on someone else and “manage” the project or you can take advantage of Dredge America's expertise and allow us to save you time and money and limit your risk exposure. Before hiring any dredge contractor consider the following:

How to Choose a Dredging Contractor

Dredging Leader Brings Innovation to Environmental Dredging Industry

Dredging - Portable Hydraulic
Choose a dredging company with the best reputation, most professional crews and most experience. Ask our clients throughout the United States and you’ll find Dredge America is the “safe” choice to complete your dredging project on time and on budget. Dredge America is the innovative leader in delivering a finished project that exceeds our clients’ high expectations.

Professional Partner
We are experts at dredging, so our clients don’t have to be. Call us and we’ll help you define your dredging project:

  • A phone consultation gives you an initial overview of what the dredging project may include.
  • Based on the phone consultation, we’ll visit your project site at least once to create a customized dredging bid.
  • We’ll provide you a straightforward budget with no hidden costs or surprises.
  • You’ll feel confident the dredging will be completed thoroughly and efficiently.

Innovative Leader in Dredging
Dredge America is insured, bonded and adheres to a strict safety program. We have a twenty-year track record completing over two hundred projects under a vast array of conditions, locations and environments. Dredge America’s expert crews are extremely sensitive to the condition of the project site and take extra care in maintaining a clean, well-managed job. That means our clients benefit form the most experienced, skilled, well-trained and efficient crews in the country.

Helpful Information

Cutter Head in Action
As an experienced environmental dredging company, we use the latest technology and techniques to ensure surroundings and wildlife remain unharmed during the process. Below is an example of marine wildlife swimming around the cutter head while in action.

Mission Lake Dredge

Above - The dredge "Spirit" removing 1 million cubic yards of sediment and placing it two miles upland.

Below - Pumping sediment into geotextile tubes placed in parking lot at Key West, Florida.

Geo Textile Tubes

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